Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Suleyman the Magnificent lies in his eternal retreat at The Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul...
His tomb is placed next to the gorgious Mosque complex he ordered to be built...

This complex includes the religous schools that gradually turned out to be
the first University of Turkey, namely Istanbul University,
known for its excellence in its social discipline and political approaches in the present Turkey...

This university's original door, though not as magnificent as the Stanford's,
opens to SuleymaniyeMosque and looks at the tomb of Suleyman theMagnificent.

If you visit Istanbul, make sure you stop by this corner of Istanbul...
The religous texts from Koran are written with splendid caligraphy in his tomb...

I do not know for sure whether these were chosen by himself
but they are chosen in full compliance with his personality I believe...

Bakara 255
They can not comprehend his knowledge anything more than He wishes-ARS.
(Onlarsa, Allahın dilediği kadarından başka,onun ilminden hiç bir şey anlayamazlar-Davudoğlu).

Bakara 256
There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error-Picthall.
(Dinde zorlama yoktur-Davudoglu).

Bakara 257
Allah helps the believers. He guides them through the darkness into the light-ARS.
(Allah iman edenlerin yardımcısıdır. Onları karanlıklardan aydınlığa çıkarır-Davudoglu)

El-En'am 104
You have received insights from your Rab.
Who ever sees with that benefits for himself,who ever not loses.
I am not your watch-keeper-ARS.
Size Rabbinizden, basiretler geldi.Artık kim görürse kendine, kim de körlük ederse kendi aleyhinedir.
Ben sizin üzerinize muhafız değilim-Davudoğlu).