Saturday, January 26, 2008

Si seulement je savais qu'il était vivant


C'est Anatolian mères mots: "Il suffit Si seulement je savais qu'il était vivant."

Pour être perdu est un précieux paradigme de la culture française. Des films français, des romans, des livres scolaires ornement le motif de se perdre fréquemment. Pourquoi le paradigme de l'être perdu est si important pour la culture française?

Bury dit sur les causes et la nature de la culture grecque antique, "The colony was a public enterprise, and the bond of kinship with the 'mother-city' was carefully fostered. ... The emigrants took fire from the the public hearth of their city to light the fire on that of their new Home" , 'A History of Greece', McMillan 4th ed. 1975, p.71 ...

Et Thucydides dit, "The Phoecians (Aujourd'hui FOÇA- ANATOLIA) toowhen they were founding Marseilles defeated the Carthaginians in a naval engagement", 'History of Peloponnessian War', Penguin 1972, p44 ...

Le Nouvou SANS Frontiers 1 p 169 Cle International 1988 dit " Au 1er siecle apres J.C., un people s'est installe dans la region des Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Ces gens venaient d'un pays mysterieux de l'Asie."

Parfois, il est impossible de tout dire. Il est peut-être inutile aussi ...

Parfois, les sentiments sont si denses, nous prononcer un seul mot ou deux ...

La nostalgie de l'absent peut être perdu si forte ...

Vous le dire: "Il suffit Si seulement je savais qu'il était vivant."


All are equal but not the same.

It is easy for Turks to speak with Turks not only because
they speak the same language but also they use the
same idioms, phrases, proverbs. Because they use
the same reference points.

In order to communicate with Europeans you should
express your ideas through the reference points
that they can understand, otherwise
talking with Europeans becomes conversating with deaf.

These reference points include not only idioms, phrases,
proverbs such as
"All are equal but not the same" but also

many stories from the Bible such as
"Give Ceasar what belongs to him"
in Turkish: "Sezara Sezarın hakkını ver"...

Being Muslims Turks are better dispositioned
in that matter as there are many references (good or bad)
to the Christian religion in the Kur'an.

Of course this makes life harder for Turks
who have more than 8 language neigbors to learn,
such as
Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian,
Ukranian, Russian, Arabic, Turki, Caucassus languages,
Persian, English, French, German and so on...

and have to study other culture's religions...

The bottom line is you have to now yourself and
your own religion well...
If you want to do this excellently you must study other
languages and religions.

But be careful,
a single person has a limited mental capacity.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A navigation beacon on the Bosphorus - Istanbul

Having served for Air Traffic Control in the best years of my life,
I played with beacons on the air routs in the ar quiet sometime.

Now, working and living back in Istanbul, I feel I would like to be
a small lantern on the Bosphorus, the water strait between two continents.
A small beacon that serves the sea navigation between Black Sea and the
Marmara, to Eagian Sea...

It is difficult to forget sometimes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Of all manifestations of power, restraint impresses man most.