Saturday, January 26, 2008

All are equal but not the same.

It is easy for Turks to speak with Turks not only because
they speak the same language but also they use the
same idioms, phrases, proverbs. Because they use
the same reference points.

In order to communicate with Europeans you should
express your ideas through the reference points
that they can understand, otherwise
talking with Europeans becomes conversating with deaf.

These reference points include not only idioms, phrases,
proverbs such as
"All are equal but not the same" but also

many stories from the Bible such as
"Give Ceasar what belongs to him"
in Turkish: "Sezara Sezarın hakkını ver"...

Being Muslims Turks are better dispositioned
in that matter as there are many references (good or bad)
to the Christian religion in the Kur'an.

Of course this makes life harder for Turks
who have more than 8 language neigbors to learn,
such as
Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian,
Ukranian, Russian, Arabic, Turki, Caucassus languages,
Persian, English, French, German and so on...

and have to study other culture's religions...

The bottom line is you have to now yourself and
your own religion well...
If you want to do this excellently you must study other
languages and religions.

But be careful,
a single person has a limited mental capacity.