Tuesday, February 9, 2010


edited by Ali R+ SARAL

wisdom: quality of being wise (wise: having or showing experience, knowledge, good judgment, prudence etc.).
prudence: careful forethought.
discretion: being careful, tactful, in what one says and does; being prudent.
shrewd: having, showing sound judgment and common sense.
provident: providing for future need or events, esp. in old age.

composure: condition of being composed in mind; calmness (of mind or behaviour).
restraint: the state of being heldback, kept under control.
moderation: quality of being moderate; freedom from excess, having reasonable limits.
tact: (use of) skill and understanding shown by sb. who handles people and situations successfully and without causing offence
reflection: (thought, consideration); expression of thought in speech or writing; idea arising in the mind.
reflecting: considering, thinking on.
dignity: calm and serious manner or style; true worth, the quality that earns or deserves respect.
fortitude: calm courage, self-control, in the face of pain, danger or difficulty.
persistance: refuse, inspite of argument, opposition, failure etc. to make any change in (what one is doing, one's beliefs, etc.).
perseverance: keep on steadily, continue (esp. sth. difficult or tiring).
resolution: fixity or boldness of determination.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------insight: understanding; power of seeing into sth. with the mind; perception.
clairvoyance: abnormal power of seing in the mind what is happening or what exists at distance; exceptional insight.
discerning: able to see and understand well (see clearly with the eyes or the mind).
penetration: see into or through; mental quickness, ability to grasp ideas.
conscience: the consciousness within oneself of the choice one ought to make between right and wrong.
compassion: pity; feeling for the sufferings of others, prompting one to give help.
vigilance: watchfulness; keeping watch.
judicious: showing or having good sense.
righteous: doing what is morally right, obeying the law.
integrity:quality of being honest and upright in character; state or condition of being complete.
honesty:freedom from deceit, cheating, etc.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------perspicacity: quick to judge and understand.
acumen: sharpness and accuracy of judgment; ability to understand clearly.
astute: quick at seeing how to gain an advantage; shrewd; clever.
craft: cunning; trickery; skill in deceiving.
cunning: clever at deceiving; (old use) skilful.

intuition: (power of) the immediate understanding of sth. with conscious reasoning or study.
inspiration: influence(s) arousing creative activity in literature, music, art, etc.
intelligence: the power of seeing, learning, understanding and knowing.
creativity:the power to create, cause sth. to exist.
courtesy: having, showing good manners, polite and kind.
1- quality of being pleasing, attractive or beatiful, esp. in structure or movement. 2- elegance of manner, pleasing accomplishment.
3- favour, goodwill.
thoughtfull: caring.
polite: having, showing, the possession of, good manners and consideration for other people.
kind: having, showing thoughtfulness, sympathy or love for others.
tender: delicate; easily hurt or damaged; quickly feeling pain.
robustness:being vigorous, healthy.
resilience:quality or property of quickly recovering the original shape or condition after being pulled, crushed, etc.
flexibility:the state of being easily bent without breaking, easily changed to adapt new conditions, adaptability.
versatility:being interested in and clever at many different things.