Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Secret Hidden at the Light House - intro

The Secret Hidden at the Light House, my last work  has passed the full sketching phase.
 I am now working  on the notation and began to do retouches.  You can have a look at the first 8 bars attached to this note.

The notation is Polish (Penderecki, Serocki inter alia) mixed with classical notation.  In fact, although my work is strongly affected by the polish  and 20th cty modern school it uses classical elements in contrast.  I believe this is a post-modern approach where all style elements are used as a mixture and a new unity is formed.  A classical 3-5 chord may well stand together with a totally dissonant chord.
It all depends on the context and that is a post-modern context.

The Secret Hidden at the Light House, as a matter of navigation, is the absolute location information.
As a veteran (German) air traffic control engineer, I have always been amazed at the beacons that show the way to airplanes.  It is the same with ships and light houses.  I remember as a child, passing from one
Continent to the other in Istanbul by ship, and gazing at the light houses.  It was so embazzling.  Since  then, I wondered for many years what the secret at the light house is.

The captains of the ships and the pilots know what is hidden at the light house.  Their maps display the absolute location of the light house.  So, when the captain sees the light of the light house he understands that he is at the right track.

So, once again, what is the’ Secret  at the Light House’?  It is the ‘veritas’, the truth, the reality...

Isn’t it the truth, the reality that guides our way and helps us reach the safety of an harbor when we are faced with immense difficulties?